Breakover (Breakup Recovery) Tip #6: Take Note of the Love You Have

A breakup can leave you feeling lonely and unloved. Yet is all the love in your life gone because one relationship ended?

Today you're invited to take note of all of the love that is in your life, right now in this moment.  Take out a pen and paper (or open a document in your computer) and write a list of the people who love you--family, friends, mentors, teachers. Go ahead, start it now. 

And whether the list in front of you at the moment is long, short, or blank, I know that the real list is infinite if you're willing to really SEE the love all around you. You can start by expanding your definition of love to include all the acts of loving kindness that people extend to you today.  When a friend calls just to say hello, that's love.  When a coworker grabs an extra cup of coffee and puts in creamer just how you like it? Love.  When a stranger holds the door open for you and smiles.  How about when your dog lets out a contented sigh while resting his head on your knee? Love, love, love!  And if you were to sit there and add up all of the love you've received over your lifetime you'd go through a pile of pens, clog your hard drive, and develop a serious case of writer's cramp--though you'd feel so darn full of love you probably wouldn't notice.  

And the really beautiful things is, the more love you're able to see that you already have in your life, right now in this moment, the closer you are to having a romantic life that fills your heart even more.  Love attracts love, abundance attracts abundance, and gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for. So where are you willing to see the love that is already right in front of you? Where are you willing to be more loving toward the people who are available right now to receive it from you?

Love really is all around,

The Breakup Coach

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