What Not to Wear During a Breakup: Just Say No to Sweatpants

I  came across this (very) darkly funny video about sweatpants as a breakup uniform from Comedy Central's Michael and Michael Have Issues (note: this is PG-13 content and not for the easily offended)

Michael & Michael Have Issues
Break-Up Sweatpants

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Of course it's not at all funny to think of anyone going after their ex with a gun, but it does echo a few of my recent posts about Craxy-Ex Syndrome and Why I'm a Breakup Coach .  There's even a reference to going into his ex's email account.  And it's fitting because I'm writing an article about what to wear during your breakup to help make you feel better, and Michael and Michael are doing a great job here of showing what not to wear!

Stay tuned for the Breakup Coach's Breakover Wardrobe Guide.  In the meantime, try to save the sweatpants for the gym.

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