A Love Note from the Universe

One of my favorite websites is tut.com , where you can sign up to receive free inspirational "Notes From the Universe" emails.

Here is one that landed in my inbox:

You know, The BreakUp Coach, I once had a dream that didn't come true. I know how that is. Ouch!! Painful!! Humiliating!!
Until I realized, it wasn't too late to dream something better.
It's never too late, The BreakUp Coach.

-The Universe

P.S. Actually, The BreakUp Coach, I'm sure it would have come true eventually, but better is better, and who should have to wait?

This is a great reminder that when we attach and hold on so hard to something that we want, something that we believe is the only thing that will make us happy, and even keep holding onto it when it no longer serves us, we may actually be missing something even better that the Universe has in store for us.  That's why, when I think about something that I want, I always try to practice saying, "This, or something better".  It's my way of reminding myself that life may offer me something even better than what I can imagine right now, if I'm willing to stay open to the possibilities.  That doesn't mean that I won't commit to what's important to me, or that I jump ship every time a situation becomes challenging, but I do allow myself to have faith that there is no one thing (or one person) in this world that will make me happy. Are you willing to allow for the possibility that the future holds something "even better" for you?

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Alexis said...

I absolutely love this.... Thank you could never be enough.