A Question for You

If your ex left you, you may be missing them and trying to figure out a way to get them back. Let's just imagine for a minute that you could do it. You said the magic words or did that one perfect thing, or hung around long enough, and somehow it worked and they're back.

Do you really want to be with, share your dreams with, sleep next to, live with, raise children with, tolerate crazy relatives with, grow old with...

... someone you felt you had to convince to be with you? Someone with whom you didn't know where you stood? Who you couldn't be yourself with because you were afraid they would leave you? Who wasn't quite sure you were the one for them? Who you weren't quite sure was the one for you?

Wouldn't you always wonder? Would you ever really feel at peace?

I was just curious.

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Angie said...

If he was dumb enough to let you go, he's too dumb to marry.