Between the Sheets: The Bed Makeover (Breakover)

If you're going through a breakup here's an important assignment for your breakover (it’s like a makeover except not quite as fun, at least at first. But you WILL feel and look better by the end of the program if you follow the assignments, promise!)

Even if your ex never even saw your bed (except in their dreams), this is probably where you lay talking with them on the phone late at night, fantasizing about them, and so on.  And if he was ever actually under those covers, well… In any case, a good bed makeover is key to any breakover program--out with the old and in with the new so that you don't feel stuck in the past.  If you can afford it, splurge on some new sheets and a quilt or duvet cover.  And how about some fresh new pillows?  New colors/ patterns are key. If you REALLY love the stuff on your bed you can just stash it away for a couple of months while you're on the program.  And if you're strapped for cash, think about asking a friend, roommate or family member to swap with you. You’ll also want to change the way your bed smells by washing those sheets with new detergent a la my advice about the importance of changing the scents you're exposed to.

Now that your bed is all fresh and new, it's time to change your place in it.  If you usually sleep on the left side, slide right on over to the right — or better yet, spread out in the middle and give yourself a good, long stretch.  Someday, when you're blissfully happy with the future love of your life, they still may kick you in your sleep, snore or steal the covers.  Hey, nobody's perfect! For now, enjoy your temporary freedom.

Copyright 2009 by Sasha Carr

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