Staying Safe After a Breakup When Your Ex is Abusive or Violent

I'm writing a more detailed piece on this topic for breakup-coach.com, but since it's almost the end of Domestic Violence Awareness month I wanted to post some initial thoughts.  While many of us end up pining away after an elusive ex, too many others have to deal with a former partner who won't leave us alone.  This may range from annoying drunk texts in the middle of the night to real terror and violence.

At least 2 news stories just this morning involve stabbings by jealous ex-boyfriends, as found in this link and in this one

If you feel unsafe in any way because of your ex or a current partner, you can use the National Domestic Violence Hotline as a resource,  800−799−7233 or ndvh.org 

Be smart, be safe, please.

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