Don't Answer This Call!

Back in the early days, when The BreakUp Coach was just a twinkle in a brokenhearted girl's eye, and my awesome friend Ask Angie and I were coming up with cool things that the BUC could offer in the future, ringtones were definitely on the list.

We thought, wouldn't it be cool to have ringtones that would discourage you from picking up those lame booty calls from the ex-boyfriend, (or those even lamer calling-for-no-particular-reason-just-lingering-like-a-bad-rash calls?)

It's still on the list, but behind e-cards and e-coaching programs and a few other nifty features that are currently in production for the new site.

But in the meantime Dave Hahn, a true friend to the ladies (and guys) trying to shake off a bad ex-bf, has created an excellent example:

Ex-Boyfriend Ringtone by davidjhahn

How cool is that? I especially love the lame chatter from the ex and the sound of the phone exploding at the end -- kinda like something out of The BreakUp Hotline.

Kudos Mr. Hahn,

The BreakUp Coach

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Dave said...

Hi BreakUp Coach -

Thanks so much for posting the ringtone! I'm glad you like it!

- Dave Hahn

Sasha Carr, Ph.D. said...

I didn't like it, I loved it and have recommended it to my clients!