Random Acts of Coolness: Helping Strangers is Good for You

Sometimes when we're going through a rough patch it makes us feel better to do something good for someone else. As I mentioned in another essay, it helps get us out of our own "stuff" for a while when we focus on other people, plus it can give you a little sense of accomplishment in addition to the natural good feeling that comes from making someone else happy. And one very cool, selfless way to help someone else is to do something nice for strangers, anonymously.

That's one reason why I think Operation Beautiful is so cool. It's a grassroots movement in which women are leaving encouraging sticky notes on the mirrors in ladies rooms and other public spaces. The most common message is that you're beautiful (amazing, gorgeous, fantastic) just the way you are. I left my first note (in photo below) yesterday; it won't be the last. People also submit photos of their notes AND notes they find to the website.

From Notes From BreakUp Land

Why not add it to your breakup recovery to-do list? It's so easy--you can pre-write a few on a pack of post-its and carry it in your bag for when the moment presents itself and start spreading the word at starbucks, the library, the DMV and any other random place where you use the ladies room. And, if you can, post some pics on operation beautiful and add links here, too. You'll inspire others and spread the love even more.

I guarantee you will feel a little lighter if you do.

Stay gorgeous,

The Breakup Coach

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